MGPL Seed Library

MGPL Seed Library

mgpl seed library packetThe Seed Library is a free program for Mount Gilead Public Library Cardholders committed to promoting self-sufficiency and the ability to provide your own wholesome food by offering seeds and education.  

  • Through the tradition of seed saving we celebrate biodiversity, nurture local adapted plant varieties, and foster community self-reliance and a culture of sharing.
  • The Seed Library operated on the honor system.  You become a member automatically when you withdraw seeds to plant.  
  • We encourage all members to learn basic seed saving techniques. 
  • We encourage members to return seeds from lettuce, tomato, bean, or pea plants the first year.  If you are unable to save your own seeds, consider donating seed packets to keep our Seed Library stocked. 


Librarian Seed Library Procedures 

  • Patron has to have to have Library Card. 

  • Patron has to sign the agreement and it gets filed under their last name in the binder. 

  • Patron picks out their seeds. 

  • All seeds are able to grow in our Zone 5 growing area. 

  • Patron can take up to 6 seed packets out at a time. They need to write down the list of seeds they took and file it under their name. They can add to the same list if they take out more. 

  • If there are specific growing questions call or come in on Tuesdays or Fridays to ask Wendy or Jen, or feel free to contact the Master Gardeners at the OSU extension as well.  

  • This is intended to be a resource so many different people who want to try gardening can try gardening. This is not for profit businesses. This is why the limit of 6 packets at a time. 

  • This program is for all, however, adults need to be there when kids check out seeds for the safe seed agreement. 

  • Seeds are not intended to be ingested! Many are treated and could be poisonous. Also after handling it is a good practice to wash hands.



References for starting and saving seeds: